Mission Statement

To respond with care and understanding to the needs of the people of Africa, by establishing partnerships and engaging in hands-on personal involvement.


  • RESPECT for the people with whom we work and with sensitivity to their diverse cultures
  • ACCOUNTABILITY to our partners and donors
  • BUILDING TRUST and strengthening relationships with our partners
  • FOSTERING local sustainability of our African projects
  • HONOURING the skills and contributions of our volunteers
  • FLEXIBILITY in adapting to changing needs, conditions and requirements


The For the Love of Africa society distinguishes itself as a hand-on 100% volunteer run charity and where 100% of donations benefit the projects in Africa. Once or twice a year, society members travel to Tanzania to work side by side with the African community members who are equal participants in each project. Monthly membership meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Members network with each other and participate as a community of like- minded individuals. Meetings are where the society committees report to the general members on such topics as current and upcoming projects, public relations, events, membership and finances. All members are encouraged to be part of one or more committees.

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Friends of the Society (Volunteers)

We welcome volunteers from across Canada and around the world.  Together we can bring health and hope to one small part of the African continent. We are not just a society, but a community working together for the benefits of not only the people in Tanzania but for one’s own enjoyment and self-fulfillment.

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Monthly Meetings

Members and volunteers are invited to our monthly meetings.  We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association room (turn left after entering the school) located in the Cordova Bay Elementary School – 5238 Cordova Bay Road, Victoria, BC, V8Y 2L2.    Visitors are welcome to come and learn more about the great work the society is doing in Africa.  Meetings begin at 7:15PM sharp.  If you want more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

About the Society

Founded in December 2004, the For the Love of Africa Society is a 100% volunteer driven society which focuses on two key areas – Education and Health in Tanzania. These issues are critical to the long term development and stability of both Tanzania and Africa in general and we feel it is in these areas that we can most effectively make a difference.

Based in Victoria, B.C. Canada, we welcome people from around the world to join us on our journey. It is our goal that together we can bring hope to one small corner of the African continent. The society has its roots in an original team of fourteen individuals who visited Dodoma, Tanzania in September 2004 to assist in the construction of the Kizota Student Centre.

The society has since grown to over 50 members and continues to attract new members every year. Society members travel to Tanzania to work side by side with the African community members who are equal participants in each project. For those interested in traveling with us in an upcoming project, membership and participation with committee work is expected.

Society members have the opportunity to share in the work of the society and its vision by assisting with fundraising, being an advocate for its work, and taking an active role in decision making. Members also have the opportunity to volunteer to travel to Tanzania to work with the local communities to fulfill their dreams of a brighter future.


Board of Directors

Board members bring a range of experience and expertise to our work and all donate their time to the society.

DARRYL KARLEEN (Board President)

I joined Team Tanzania 2011 where I assisted the society and helped with the building of a primary school in Dodoma. This was the first time I had travelled to a developing country and I was struck by the warmth of the people as well as the beauty of the land. Working side by side with the locals was a rewarding and enriching experience and will never forget this African experience. After returning in 2011, I have remained a member of the FTLOA board as well as manage the society’s websites and social media.

email:  president@fortheloveofafrica.ca
linkedin profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/darrylkarleen


Janice joined the Society in 2009 and travelled with them that year to help build an orphans centre. She has returned another four times since then and is proud to be part of an organization that listens to what the local people say is needed and works beside them to make it a reality. Her personal focus is working with women’s groups promoting health, safety and hygiene as well as helping them start small businesses.

Laurie Mueller (Member-at-Large)

Laurie joined the Society in the spring of 2015 with the idea that one day she would go to Africa and help out with a project.  In October she found herself on an airplane bound for Tanzania.  Working with the folks in Tanzania, being accepted into their lives, their homes and their hearts was such a heartwarming and fulfilling experience for her.  “It helped me to see that even so far away as Africa and Canada are to each other, we can make a difference in each others’ lives.” Laurie loves to write and to give presentations about what the society is doing and offers those talents to the Society

Kevin Sterne (Vice-President)

Previously, I had traveled to Tanzania as a tourist. I was moved by the generous spirit of the people and it made me want to give back in a meaningful way. I came to the For the Love of Africa Society after reading a news article on them. I appreciated their mandate and their ideals. As a member of the Executive, I intend to help guide the Society in implementing its objectives for improving the quality of life for Tanzanians by developing educational and health care facilities.

Linda Ryder (Treasurer)

Linda joined the society in 2014 with the intention of going to Tanzania to work on the next project, and did travel with Team Tanzania 2015 in October to work on the DTI building. She also had the opportunity of visiting all previous society projects and meeting the people we have been working with over the past several years.

For me, arriving in Tanzania felt like coming home! I maintain a close connection with some of the people I met, was sad to leave them and plan to return when the time is right. My goal prior to returning is to learn Swahili. My new friends in Tanzania are helping with this by e-mail.

Linda is chair of the Networking, Recruitment and Fund Development Committees as well as board treasurer. I love to meet new people and share information about our society, our projects and the African people we work with.

email:  treasurer@fortheloveofafrica.ca
linkedin profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/linda-ryder/30/921/275